- Austin A35

Austin A35 Manufacturer BMC Production 1956-1959(saloon) 1956-1962(estate) 1956-1968(van) 280,897 Predecessor Austin A30 Successor Austin A40 Farina Class compact car Wheelbase 79.5 in (2,019 mm) Length 136.5 in (3,467 mm) Width 55 in (1,397 mm) A35 Saloon Production 1956-1959 129,245 Body style 4-door saloon 2-door saloon Layout FR layout Engine 948 cc A-Series Straight-4 A35 Countryman Production 1956-1968 151,652 Body style 2-door estate 2-door pickup truck 2-door van Layout FR layout Engine 948 cc A-Series Straight-4 1098 cc A-Series Straight-4 The A35 was a small (compact) car sold by the British Motor Corporation under the Austin marque in the 1950s. Design Introduced in 1956, it replaced the highly successful Austin A30. The name reflected the larger and more powerful 34 hp (25 kW) A-Series straight-4 engine, enabling a slightly higher top speed and better acceleration. The A35 was very similar in [read more...]

- Austin-Healey Sprite

Austin-Healey Sprite Manufacturer Austin-Healey Production 1958-1971 129,347 made Assembly Abingdon, England Enfield, New South Wales, Australia Class Sports car Body style 2-door roadster Layout FR layout Related MG Midget The Austin-Healey Sprite is a small open sports car which was announced to the press in Monte Carlo by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) on 20 May 1958, just before that year's Monaco Grand Prix. It was intended to be a low-cost model that "a chap could keep in his bike shed", yet be the successor to the sporting versions of the pre-war Austin Seven. The Sprite was designed by the Donald Healey Motor Company, which received a royalty payment from the manufacturers BMC. It first went on sale at a price of £669, using a mildly tuned version of the Austin A-Series engine and as many other components from existing cars as possible to keep costs down. The Sprite was made at the MG sports car factory at Abingdon and it was inevitable that the [read more...]

- Austin Montego

Austin Montego Manufacturer Austin Rover Group Also called MG Montego Rover Montego Montego Production 1984–95 (Austin/Rover Montego) 1985–91 (MG Montego) Predecessor Morris Ital Austin Ambassador MG Magnette (MG model) Vanden Plas 1500/1750 (Vanden Plas model) Successor Rover 600 Class Mid-size saloon/sedan Body style 4-door saloon 5-door estate Layout FF layout Engine 1.3 L A-Plus I4 1.6 L S-Series I4 2.0 L Perkins Prima / Rover MDI I4 2.0 L O-Series I4 Wheelbase 2,570 mm (101 in) Length 4,468 mm (175.9 in) Width 1,709 mm (67.3 in) Height 1,420 mm (56 in) Related Austin Maestro Designer Ian Beech David Bache Roger Tucker Roy Axe The Austin Montego is a British mid-size saloon car that was produced by the Austin Rover subsidiary of British Leyland (BL), and its successors, from 1984 until 1994. The Montego was the replacement for the Morris Ital, to give British Leyland a modern competitor for the Ford Sierra and Vauxhall Cavalier. [read more...]

- Austin A30

Austin A30 Manufacturer Austin/BMC Production 1951–1956 223,264 Successor Austin A35 Body style 4-door saloon 2-door saloon 2-door estate 2-door van Engine 803 cc A-Series I4 Transmission 4 speed manual Wheelbase 79.5 in (2,019 mm) Length 136.5 in (3,467 mm) Width 55 in (1,397 mm) The A30 was a compact car produced by Austin Motor Company in the 1950s. Introduced in 1951 as the "New Austin Seven", it was Austin's answer to the Morris Minor. At launch the car cost £507, undercutting the Minor by £62. Features The bodywork, designed by an aeronautical engineer, was fully stressed monocoque construction, the first Austin to be made in this way, which made it both lighter and stiffer than most contemporary vehicles. Inside there were individual seats at the front and a bench at the rear covered in PVC but evidence of economy was seen in only having a single windscreen wiper and sun visor in front of the driver. A passenger side wiper and sun visor, [read more...]

- Riley Kestrel

REDIRECT BMC ADO16 [read more...]

- MG 1300

REDIRECT BMC ADO16 [read more...]

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